Turn all your investment ideas into a bankable security

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"The platform is a complete success. It allows us to quickly, easily and cost-effectively carry out securitizations that previously were not possible in this way. Within a short time, new customers were able to convince themselves of the platform and implement their first projects - the customer feedback is overwhelming."


Managing Partner, CAT Financial Products

"GenTwo is a subject-matter expert when it comes to structured products, combining innovation and traditional finance universe. Their ‘getting-things-done’ approach enables to have a turn-key solution for any strategy and asset. Their AMC concept allowed us to include niche investments into traditional asset portfolios."


COO, Lemvi

"GenTwo’s solution combines flexibility and innovation. We develop and implement new ideas faster and cheaper than before. "Tailor-made" has never been easier."


Head Asset Management, Clarus Capital Group AG

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